Why I don’t have regrets


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Life is how it is and making mistakes or taking wrong choices is inevitable. Sometimes a simple mistake can lead to tragedy or traumatizing situations in your life but with the time I realized that this is how I have learned most of my lessons. I remember how my mother was trying to protect me and tell me that I am doing wrong but I didn’t care if I would feel some pain as long as I learned. I always felt that I need to learn by myself. To go in life and explore, to get to know people to get some experience, to develop myself as a person. Sometimes I was afraid but I knew it is my responsibility to make choices even if some of them would be wrong. How else was I about to know?  As I look in my past , I have done many mistakes and I made wrong choices but somehow as I was sailing through life in my own ship  and bumping into these strong waves I managed to stir into a right direction.  I was afraid, I cried, I suffered, I was asking when it will be over but deep within  I knew that sun will always shine. It all depended on me. It was my responsibility to learn and to start making right choices too. Step by step I would get there. I started to become very introspective. I needed to know myself very well, to get to know even my darkest emotions because this is what will take me on the right way. I have admitted in myself where I was wrong. I found out that I was choosing in my life people who had problems, or pretended to have, the so called victims. I was thinking that I can save them but instead I was just loading myself with their own problems. I couldn’t save them! It was not even my job! Most of them didn’t even wanted to be saved. The role of victim was so convenient! Blaming others for their problems was so much easy! Fortunately I left that behind. I am only responsible for myself.  I looked behind and I’ve closed the doors of past with no regrets because whatever happened , happened from my own decisions , whatever was good or bad helped me develop , helped me become stronger and helped me be thankful for the bad as I am for the good. Now I am just aiming to become a better person but this road had bumps too. A bump today, a bump tomorrow but sooner or later I’ll manage to reach my destination.





photo source: www. funny-pictures.picphotots.net


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