The best ways to spend money





I always thought that money have to flow in order to grow. It’s all about circulating it, even if my husband doesn’t totally agree if you know what I mean. ;))

Anyway , this article is not about money circulation is about the best ways to spend money. Some people will know the best ways to save money but not me! 🙂

1. Spend money to create memories.  I will never regret spending my money to spend time with the ones I love. I remember that before I moved to USA I took my grandma to a SPA resort for few days. Just me and her! We had never been together, just me and her, anywhere and we both felt great.

I went to my home city to be with my father and get him a small birthday party for his 50 year old anniversary. I couldn’t miss that and let him celebrate alone as I was the only one closer.  I went to the sea side with my best friend for the first time and I celebrated all that summer with the people I love.  The money I had, helped me create really fun memories and not just for me.

2. Spend money to give. You know, charity, helping the others when they need. It can be a really small amount but it will make a big difference. So, be generous! You will receive in return happiness.

3. Spend money to buy gifts. I love to buy gifts! I wouldn’t mind being Santa Claus! ;)) It’s simply awesome to see surprise , smile and joy on someone’s face when they receive a gift. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion. Offering a gift to somebody means that you were thinking about them and this will make them feel important and will make you feel good about yourself.

4. Spend money to buy something for yourself. One time in your life, buy something that usually you thought you will not afford to buy .You don’t need to exaggerate about it but you know how we all (almost all of us) have that moment when we see something we really really like but it is too pricey so we move on. Well, once don’t move on just go on and buy it. You deserve it! 🙂

5. Spend money as a long term investment for yourself. Like spending money for your education. This will open many doors for you. 🙂


These are , in my opinion , the best ways to spend money and not feel guilty about it  but feel happy about it.

How do you spend your money? 🙂





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