Life doesn’t end at the first problem




You might have encounter hard moments in your life when you thought  you can’t take it anymore or you will never be able to be happy or find happiness but after a while you were able to see that life took you on the road of hope and you found yourself again and you trusted your life has all chances to be a happy one again.

Did you ever met people who had known tragedy in their life but somehow they express so much joy of life? I did and it made me feel more optimistic and more happy about the life. Somehow those people transmitted the strength and made me feel that life is more and it only depends on us to be able to laugh when life smacks us in the face. On another way I felt bad that me, without so many problems I’m not enjoying it even more!!!

All those examples are really around you. People who suffer and still smile. If they can do it you can do it too. There is always someone who had been through worse and when you will see them you will feel guilty and stupid that you had ever complained for such a small problem that in your eyes was big but in the eyes of the life was just a simple pinch. Life pinched your cheeks and instead of saying “Auch! That hurt ! ” rub your cheek to make it better and move on   you ran to ER  as you thought you will be in coma for a while or you might even die.

But my problem was big and my problem matters! You will  say. Of course it does, of course you are important, but most important is for you to know that life will not end at that problem because you have everything you need to let it go and grow stronger. You have that power to laugh through struggles , to crawl through fire and at the end to find yourself victorious as you went courageously through all of this because being just a human being can be the biggest superpower   you will ever have.






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