Making wishes can be tricky


Making wishes is my favorite thing . I can’t wait to see a shooting star or to blow my birthday candles to make a wish but making wishes can be tricky.

You know wishes are tricky if it ever happen to you to make a wish and after  it came true to realize that it wasn’t exactly what you wished for or the wish was somehow incomplete. For example : I wish I met my soul mate! You will meet him/her  but that’s it. Nothing else happens after that.  “Hi, I’m your soul mate! Bye! ”

It feels like the wish fairy just tricked you!

Another thing is that many times we don’t know what we want or what we want now will not be what we want later so here is how some wishes get messed up on the way.

I’m very undecided when it comes to make wishes and I try to include 10 wishes in one. What can I do? I have lots of things to accomplish! ;))

The trick to trick your wish and make it happen your way is to provide all details of your wish.  For example :”  I wish I will meet my soul mate , get married with him/her and live together a happy life forever. ”    This example sounds cheesy but love is all we need! 🙂


Mission accomplished , all details have been identified , your wish is on its way!  Just don’t change your mind! ;))

I had friends telling me how they wished for something and how they got exactly what they wished for but they forgot to mention they want a bit more. It was really funny and that’s when I realized that it was actually a secret about making wishes and the secret was in the details.

No matter how naive you might think this is , believe in your dreams, have faith your wishes will come true and most of the times wish for those things you really, really need. 🙂






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