Coffee, pleasure and cure in a single cup

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Hey coffee lovers! 🙂 Let’s have a chat at a cup of coffee about coffee ! 🙂

Only as I say the word coffee I can already feel that awesome awakening smell that makes your morning more beautiful but the coffee is more than just simple pleasure as it is good for many other things. I prefer mine french pressed . The taste is more natural and I always add milk and honey to make it smooth and have a moment of relaxation with my coffee.  I avoid really strong coffee as it makes me stressed out. ;))

We know for sure that coffee wakes us up in the morning. For some of us the day didn’t started yet if we didn’t have a coffee but let me tell you for how many other things the coffee is good for. I like to see coffee like a magic elixir and I love the smell.

Coffee helps the digestion. In Italy, after each meal , they drink an espresso to avoid indigestion .  I kind of have this habit too. I like to have few sips of coffee after I eat. It is healthier for your stomach to eat before drinking coffee too.

Coffee helps with headaches.  Pour some lemon juice in a strong black coffee to help with your headaches.

Coffee helps with the hangover . In half cup of strong coffee pour half cup of orange juice and sweeten with honey or drink a strong black coffee and take an aspirin.

Parkinson and Alzheimer . It is proven that having 2 cups of coffee a day can prevent Parkinson and Alzheimer. For the ones with Parkinson already the shaking will diminish.

Coffee as a body scrub.  Mix some coffee powder with your body wash and gently rub on your skin with circular motions.

Coffee as a cellulite remedy.  Mix some coffee powder with olive oil, rub gently on the problem areas and cover with a clear plastic wrap for 20-30 minutes.

I am sure if we make some research we will find many other benefits of coffee.

We have to keep in mind though that everything is good with moderation. Whatever is overdose gets into poison.

You shouldn’t drink more that two coffees a day!

Enjoy your coffee ! For sure I am going to enjoy mine! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Coffee, pleasure and cure in a single cup

  1. I’ve tried a coffee body scrub, I wasn’t creative enough to make it myself though… But I loved it. Helped wake me up in the morning. And honey sounds like a good tip to change up the normal coffee mix-ins!


    1. I couldn’t find in US but in Europe you can find at Yves Rocher a really delicious coffee body wash. 🙂 I only use honey in my coffee. I’m not a fan of sugar except when is in the cookies. ;)) Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


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