The “I caught a cold” thing can be a happy one if you get a shot of…


Well, the inevitable happen!  I caught a cold. The worst part is all that water draining from my brain to my nose with which I fill thousands of  napkins. It makes me wonder about what is in my head! My grandma used to think I only have corn in my brain. Obviously she wasn’t right!

What I don’t like to do when I am sick is to stay at home! I prefer to walk around and to spread the virus! Is all about sharing after all! Someone wanted to share it with me and I want to spread the good did!

I am taking some pills but not that much as I prefer the traditional Romanian cure for it! Alcohol!!!! Don’t worry, I’m not a drinker. I rarely drink and I just need few sips to get drunk.

I brought some “Tuica” from Romania, which is a strong alcoholic drink made from fruits. Generally prunes or fermented grapes. It is similar to vodka but a little bit more natural.

In the country side, in Romania , when they catch a cold, they warm up some of that “Tuica” with some sugar and pepper, they drink it as a shot, they go to bed and by morning they feel better. It takes out the fever and cleans the sinuses.  For real!

This is what I did last night! I drank some of that hot “Tuica” ! One hot shot! Actually it was too strong to drink it as a shot. I had several sips. After each sip I was walking around the house making weird faces and trying to recover from that strong taste .

After a while I even forgot I was sick! I felt happy! I went happy to bed and I woke up happy! No hangover fortunately.

Probably even the coldness got drunk and my immunity  could fight it better. It was a heck of a party going on inside my body!

So, guys, If you just caught a cold , it is ok! Just get drunk and problem solved! 😀





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