Why thinking positive seems so hard


Unless you’re a natural optimistic or you managed to train yourself  to think positive due to hard moments where thinking positive was your main self-defense mechanism that would help you manage through life easier, training to think positive is hard.

Let me tell you why! This is one thing I’ve learned in my psychology class as I was shocked to find out that our brain is actually trained to first think negative! I was in denial for a while.

Not my brain! I was answering in my mind with an arrogant attitude! I hoped I’m a special case! I’m not!

It actually makes lots of sense and most of the times it is in our benefit that our brain will tend first to think negative. Is the self-preservation principle! In order to survive you need to first be prepared for what is worst so we first take in consideration the dangers. Which is very smart!

If you are a woman your brain will think double or even triple negative first.

It is also maternal instinct,  hormones fluctuations…you know what I mean! 😉 ( This is not from my teacher , this is from me! ;)) )

The trick here is to be aware for the dangers but to hope for the best. You don’t need to lie to yourself. There are times when things don’t go as good as you hope it will but thinking positive will help you restart on a happy note and try again without fear!

Even if the first phase is to think negative, don’t persist in that negativity  until you get to anxiety or depression. Learn to use everything in your favor.

It is amazing how the two work together! The negative thinking that the brain is naturally meant to do first will prepare you and protect you and the positive thinking will help make everything easier and keep you away from depression.

Training to think positive might sound so hard but once you start getting it  you will see how everything will change to better.

Be smart about it! You can do it! 🙂






photo source: http://www.recomparison.com


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