As I am growing up I am getting more confused




You know, there is that saying “As you get older you get wiser!” but I think I’m getting more confused.

It is harder for me to understand people!

Maybe I am not evolving or I am less tolerant! Honestly, I don’t want to be like this!

I’d rather don’t care and just mind my own business without thinking how this and that is wrong!

Is not like I know better, right? Or, do I?   See? Lots of confusion! ;))

I am confused and pissed off and I just want to give people a break but I can’t! I can’t even give myself a break!

I’m like: Why are they acting like this? Why do they think this? Why do they believe that? Why they accept that?  Why don’t they use their brain and why is the cat trying to chew my balloon right now?

There are more “Why” in my head than in a child’s! I’m getting retarded or I am getting awake? Maybe is just a phase! A phase where I am a judgemental person ! Who am I to judge?

My way seems better somehow! Ain’t I a narcissist right there?

I always tried to see the good side of everything and now is like I started to see some others sides, sides I’m not used to see or want to see.

I wonder if it is because I started to watch TV again or read the news , is the election times, and other stuff that mainly reveal lies and what makes me like that is the probability that some people might believe it , might miss what’s behind words, might miss the fact that not everything is revealed to us because most of us would not be able to handle the truth as it is.  Is also the fact we had been taught to just believe but not to search for the truth, not to ask questions and it is ok to doubt.  We should doubt everything! Because when we doubt then we will be interested to find the truth!

I am afraid that sometimes we might mistake  the wrong for the right and the right for  wrong !

From here comes all the confusion!






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