What gives us the feel of freedom

girl with raised hands and broken chains



I am a freedom addict.  Freedom is so important to me and what I realized lately is that what actually makes us free is feeling safe.

You will not be able to enjoy a simple walk in the park if you knew there is danger, if you knew it is not safe and even if your home has many walls you would be relieved when you get there, you will feel relaxed and free because you will feel safe.

When you have a good stable  job, your paycheck is good enough, you are financially independent, you know you will be able to buy food, to pay your bills, you feel safe, you somehow feel free.

When you are in a relationship, you feel loved, you feel safe to share your feelings , your emotions , knowing that the other will understand how you feel, you feel safe, you feel free!

As a child, you are in your mother’s arm, you feel safe, like nothing could do you no harm ,  you feel free.

When you are healthy, you feel safe, you feel free to do whatever you want as there is no pain to hold you down as there is no danger for you to do some extra effort.

The examples can go on but I am sure that you got the idea of what I am trying to say.


Most of the times we think about safety as a comfort zone but we never thought about it like something that makes us feel free.

If you analyze all the places where I mentioned you feel free , house, job, relationship, arms, all of these express at the same time limitation and safety, and even if limitation is opposite to freedom , safety will be the first one to give us the feel of freedom.

It is not enough to be free as a person you need to feel safe to use your freedom!




photo source: http://www.drhurd.com


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