Things you should do to feel happier and better about yourself





There are very simple things worth doing  to feel better and happier. We all define happiness in a different way  because we mainly need different things to be happy. When others feel happy in solitude , others find happiness in being with people. I find happiness in both. I somehow need both to be balanced but I would definitely not need too much of the solitude. I like people! 🙂

There are certain things I do to put myself in a good mood but happiness is to be shared so you will feel a hundred times better when you know you are the reason why someone smiled today.

1. At least one morning in a year, wake up early to just watch the sunrise. Just sit there with a cup of coffee or tea, breathe and enjoy the view.

2. Have your cup of coffee in the park. It is nice to just be in the nature, observe and have some fresh air.

3. Watch the sky in the night. The moon, the stars , just to remind yourself how beautiful and mysterious this Universe is.

4. Listen your favorite song before going to work. This will definitely get you in a better mood   and energize you to finish your chores faster.

5. Stretch in the morning. It is a very simple exercise and the idea that you did some movement will make you feel better. You did it for yourself!

6. Eat a piece of chocolate. In my point of view, a piece of chocolate a day keeps the depression away! 🙂

7. Take a bubble bath. Simple relaxation, clear your mind.

8. Read a motivational quote before starting your day.

9. Send a surprise gift to someone you care about. It is nice to surprise people in a good way and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion.

10. Send a thank you note to people who have helped you and support you when you need it!

11. Laugh of yourself. If not, someone else will  and you might not enjoy it that much and besides that is a sign of confidence and sense of humor.

12. Make someone laugh! The biggest joy for me is to put a smile on someone’s face. Laughing is medicine for the soul.

13. Make a good deed. Help someone or donate even the smallest amount for a good cause.


These are my simple ingredients for happiness.  The list can go on as I am sure you know better than me what can make you happy but this can be a start.

We all know that we can find happiness in simple things but this doesn’t mean you can’t go and bring in your life the bigger things that will make you happy. It is just easier to start with the simple ones ! 🙂






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