The struggles of being patient


I was never a patient person. I just don’t like to wait, at least not for a long time. I want to do things right when I feel it, to go for it.

It is not the best reaction all the time. Sometimes , all you need to do is wait ! This year, the wait seemed to last forever, like wait was a challenge given to me for this year. During this wait , I started to build half of plans , make sketches, which sometimes would make me feel excited and other times made me feel that I have no idea what I am doing.  With each day , the wait become longer. It was disturbing in my dreams. I thought I didn’t confronted with such thing before but now I remember that I did. I just forgot about it!

The only thing I could do was to relax and enjoy the wait. The optimistic in me knows that this wait has a good cause and that everything happens at the perfect moment.

The time of long wait started to pass and got transformed in a shorter waiting. After that much wait I started to be more optimistic than frustrated with the wait. Once this wait is over I’ll get wings again. I will be  the wild horse who had been waiting to be unleashed again because his only desire is running over the hills but I must not forget how wait made me stronger, how wait was trying to teach me a lesson, how wait only wanted me to be patient, to have faith , to wait!






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