A new month, a new season, a new beginning


This fall feels like spring to me! There is a freshness in the air. I used to not like fall and to wish it was forever summer but probably I didn’t know then, that it needs to be death before it will be renewal. I needed to learn to see beauty where I thought it is not. How beautiful are the trees in the fall time! They all look the same in the summer but in the fall time you can notice how beautifully different they are. Like people! We all appear to be the same but the nuances and colors of our personalities is what makes us beautifully different.  I always wanted to get married in the summer but I got married in the beginning of fall. Funny how things work! Sometimes what you like least comes to be what you like most.

My most important changes which brought me happiness and proved to be lucky   happened in the fall ! A new job, moving in a new city, getting married, moving in a new continent, starting a completely new life! This year was mainly a year of wait. I needed to learn to wait and be patient and patience is not my virtue , but I feel better now. Things find their way, everything falls in place and I don’t know what will happen next but I feel that something new and exciting is on the way. I love new beginnings! I love seeing each day , each month, each season like a new beginning! A chance for us to become better and to make better choices!

I am curious if there is a pattern! Like how for me the most important things happen in the fall. Is it for you a special month or a special season when all the good things come together? I am curious if there is a certain way in which events occurs for each of us or if it is just simple coincidence. Let’s think about it! Maybe we discover something!



Make the best out of this new month! 🙂


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