Why do we like drama?

No Drama

It is not like I have the answer but as I look around me I think is a good question to ask. We all have some drama in our lives but why do we like it better? Most of the people like to read about drama or to watch drama movies. I understand that is something emotional but why wouldn’t you like to promote the good things that happen in your life? Don’t you think joy will bring more hope? Doesn’t happy things make you feel better than drama? Why does drama sells better than comedy? Don’t people know how healthy is laughter? I’d rather laugh than cry and for sure I wouldn’t pay to cry!

It is not like I am running from the reality of life, actually I am really aware of it but I would rather enjoy myself than drag myself into depression. On the other way , you could use some drama in your favor. Reading about other people’s drama will make you see that your life is not the only one that sucks and that your problems are nothing comparing to the others. Now, yes…on this way drama can bring something positive in your life .

You know there  are many ways to make your life more positive, right? Concentrate on the good things. I know, I know, everyone tells the same things but it is kind of true. Enjoy the good and learn from the bad!

I love it when I see people going  through hard moments but they make it look like it was fun. (Although we all know it wasn’t) .  Just to be clear , I don’t enjoy seeing them going through bad things , just the second part. ;))  They are leaving it behind and get busy with more important things, like enjoying life.

Life is short folks! 😉


I still didn’t get a complete answer to my own question and I actually ended by answering to myself with another question.

Is it because we prefer to feel sorry for ourselves or for the others than feeling happy for them or for us?  










photo source : http://www.innerguidancenetwork.org


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