Women vs Men -The reality!


If women and men come from different planets, Venus and Mars, than here it is! You just discovered the secret! It is very hard for them to understand each other as they don’t speak the same language and besides that it takes a man many years of experience to be able to deal with a woman needs that I myself , as a woman I can tell we have many. For most of them it takes longer to grow up!  If it is to put in balance what women want vs what men want , the heaviest weight will be on the woman’s side. So, let’s have some compassion for them! We want men to understand us and deal with our hormones  that makes  us look crazy but we need to deal with their “silly boyish stuff ” too.

It has to be fair somehow! We kind of annoy each other but we need each other too and for this reason we have to make peace!  There are men who act like some uneducated rednecks with big egos who have no idea how to deal with a woman or to treat her nice. That is not a smart man so you should not have children with their kind because you wouldn’t want to increase and encourage this kind of population. Some are really good actors and you might get fooled to fall for them! It happens all the time but it is never too late to let go. Another issue is that sometimes , men only think they are in love when it is actually only pure physical attraction! He has to be really mature to make the difference, so there will be moments when after few dates he will say he loves you! You should wait longer before you believe it because he might be confused! He is just excited mainly but he doesn’t know it!

It goes the same way for a certain kind of women(you know what I’m talking about) and if you are a smart man you should not have children either with this kind of “female” . As much as men would love “bad girls” very, very few of them will want to get serious with this kind but I can not say the same thing for women. They choose on purpose the bad guys , like it’s a challenge for them to see if they can transform them in the perfect man but in most of the cases they just get worse! So, who is the smart one now? The man, of course! The ego helps him  choose a respected woman who will not embarrass him in front of friends and family !

The “Men are jerks ” thing! They might but not all of them and for those who are guess who encouraged them?

Women race!

Woman, let me tell you something! In most of the cases it is our fault when the man doesn’t treat us nice! Why? Because we accept it! If you will turn your back to him as soon as he is being an asshole you will not have to deal with him and maybe that will be like a wake up call for him too, but if you allow it and forgive him all the time then he will think that that’s the right way! You don’t want do deal with assholes? Walk away! Simple as that! I was in this kind of situations, I didn’t walked away right away(it is harder when feelings are involved)  but I finally did because I knew I don’t want to get married with that kind of man  (there are many other options) and I don’t want to have children either with that type of person because I don’t want my future children to have bad examples in their life and more than that why I would complicate my life? I’d rather be alone for the rest of my life than to stay with a jerk!

But let me tell you how many of you think and what , in most of the cases, stop you from taking the right decision!

You are afraid that some other woman will take him and you are so competitive that you would rather suffer the worst than let some other “bitch” have him! Instead of blaming them , the men, let’s blame us for putting up with it when we have the power to make our lives easier and when we have the chance to find someone who offer us what we need. I know I did so I tell you from experience because even if I am young I first found the worse but in the end I found the best!

Be smart, be independent and  think  about how would you like your life to be!

Not all men are jerks and not all women are whores! 






photo source: http://www.sodahead.com



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