How we handle stress




Stress comes when we have a problem we need to solve. Everybody has problems , some smaller some bigger, but problems require finding solutions to solve them. It’s like math! My friends rarely see me stressed about something. The reality is that I do have some moments of stress when I realize that a problem is there but it is a kind of constructive stress that helps me focus on finding solutions. The constructive stress can help you solve problems and it is the short-term stress. The long-term stress is the destructive one.  Actually , focusing on  finding solutions is what eliminates the stress. Sometimes it might take longer until you find the solution but there has to be a way! Don’t give up until you know you’ve exhausted all possible and impossible solutions.  There are also some special situations when  the problem has no solution or when the solution delays to show up.  What we can do is to leave that problem behind  and to live our lives like the problem is not even a problem.  Yes, but that problem is still there! You think. True! I say, but there is no need to make that problem the center of your universe as it will create more stress. I do not encourage you here to run from your problems it is just sometimes the solution will not appear right away and you’d rather solve something else! It is the smartest thing to do! Like creativity! It doesn’t strike you when you force it but it strikes you when you are doing something else, like washing the dishes or when you are on the toilet seat! 😉 This means you have to resign for a while  and to focus all your forces on other things that are important to you! I usually get really stressed and it gets harder to find solutions when solving a problem related to me doesn’t involve me as a solver!  In this kind of situations , which let’s say is part of the special problems, I try to occupy my time by doing something else that will distract me from the stress. The stress is not gone, though. It somehow stays in your subconscious mind and if you don’t let it out by day, it will come out by night, creating different scenarios in your dreams.  Dealing with stress is a hard work  but we need to be careful about it and we need to not let ourselves absorbed by it because that’s when the real and big deal problems show up.

In conclusion , we can handle stress if we focus on finding solutions and not on the problem itself.


Problem =Stress /  Finding solutions =  From less stress to No stress






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