How to listen to your heart



I posted this before on another blog but as I lost contact for now, I decided to rewrite it here.

Probably many times when you didn’t know what decision to take and you were asking for someone’s advice they would tell “Follow your heart” or “Listen to your heart” but this is not such an easy thing to do because there are many things to take into consideration.

There are moments in life when our mind has an important role and we should not forget about that. For example if your friend will tell you to jump off a cliff or get into drugs then you should clearly use your mind and think that first of all that is not your friend because a real friend will never want you to do something that can harm you and second of all your health and your life is more important than any other thing.
Another thing that I would like you to consider is to not confuse this follow your heart thing with listening your primal instincts and hurt somebody just because you couldn’t get over the anger. Does “therapy” ring a bell?
Ok, let’s now continue our main subject. We got used living our lives according to some rules. Our family rules, society rules, religious rules, political rules, ethical rules and the others. I am not trying to say that those rules are not important too, because we need some common sense in our lives and to learn to have respect for ourselves and for the others. The problem is when those rules get involved too much in our decisions.

For example, let’s say that you would like to go and do something you really dreamed about a lot and it does not fits with all this rules and you start to think about what your family will say, that maybe the society will put you into corner, that it is out of the religious rules, that for some people it might not be so ethical…etc…  I will tell you what I did when I was in this kind of situation. I closed my eyes and I asked myself : “Would I do this if there were not all these rules to restrain me ?”  With this question, my mind took me to my heart because the heart is the one free from all the restrictions and the heart could give me the answer!   My mind helped to take the risks in consideration of course. There are some calculations to be done but I guess you already know what I am trying to say. If the answer was yes, and if I felt more free to do that thing if I forgot about all the limitations and about all of the “what the others would say” thing , then surely I knew what to do!

Some might judge you but at the end of the day you are the only one who knows what makes you happy!  I just want to tell you to do the things that really make you happy. The people who love you might not agree with you in the beginning but in the end will understand because they will understand the happiness in your eyes.   We were born with free will.  We all have a path or more but we decide if we will take that or another one. If you really feel doing one thing, like calling someone you still love but you are afraid that he or she might not answer or might not share your love there is only one way to find out! You need to do it! If you will do what you feel, even if the feedback is not the one that you expect at least you will not wear this incredible heavy question in your soul “What if? “. I can honestly tell you that I have done lots of mistakes, I took wrong decisions in my life too but I wouldn’t change anything because that was what I wanted to do, I have no regrets and I am actually extremely happy for the hard moments in my life because it brought me where I am now, it made me who I am and I am happy. Life is full of ups and downs and full of lessons and tests. It’s simple: Learn the lesson and you will pass the test. If you don’t, then it will come test after test until you learn the lesson. Life it’s like this. You’ve learned the lesson then you are ready for next chapter!  Be happy for the hard things that come, stay strong and then be ready to embrace the good things that life brings.

The main lesson is: If you learn how to listen to your heart you will not have regrets! 

Trust yourself because  from time to time it’s ok to go with the flow and give yourself a break from all the other boundaries.



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