What you should know about the Bible!





I was among  people who were  really pissed of on religion and for who the stuff written in the Bible didn’t make so much sense. I am still skeptical and sometimes I just judge things fast but somehow I took a small break! 😉  I like to believe what I can see but with all that I am very spiritual too.  I feel that I need to take care of my spiritual life anyway. It makes me feel better and for me this is enough explanation. Balance is everything at the end of the day! I was very tormented and disappointed because I wanted to find the truth and to search for my own truth. I found some of it and it might be impossible to find all of it because nobody has reached the absolute truth. I am talking a lot about myself right now  but it is the only way to let you know what I’ve been through to get to the following conclusion.  Science explained many things in such a logical way but we have to be aware that in this world there are many things that have no logic.  I am trying to keep my mind open and I am trying to be fair.

The Bible had been written a very long time ago by very educated , smart and wise people and the Bible shouldn’t be allowed to be interpreted by everybody!  You will probably hate me for saying this but it is what it is! Why? Because we don’t all have the required knowledge  to do it!

The Bible is a historical book and we need to have some ancient history knowledge to interpret it. We need to know what was the meaning at those times. Those people saw world differently!  If we try with our modern minds to translate it , it will make no sense. It even sounds stupid and hard to believe!  Many preachers and priests make the mistake of just reading it to you and all you know is that you just have to blindly believe it. Some of them have studies but they are too lazy to explain it to you !  Unless you really have studied the history of religion and ancient history to be able to make an understandable point out of it , please do not lead the people in confusion and do not lead yourself in confusion. I believe that preaching to the others from the Bible and even reading the Bible  without some heavy background knowledge in ancient history and religion history and without the ability to translate it according to the modern world is a big mistake! You either try to do it right or don’t do it at all! I don’t want to be confused! I want to be smart!


I know we like to think we are smart , and most of us are but this doesn’t mean we know it all! Let us think deeper and let us think beyond our own limitations because we are allowed to think on our own! Do not sit there and try to see the things from only one corner but try to see it from all the corners possible!





photo source: http://www.theredletterchristians.org


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