Why people kill themselves?



I am surprised of myself that I chose to write something on this theme because I usually avoid it. I used to have aversion towards suicide. I actually hated the suicides because I thought they are cowards and they are selfish people. I was thinking how blind can they be to not see the beauty of life? Why they were not thinking about the people who love them? Why were they thinking that this is the end of their problems? You can run forever but the problem is still there and who knows maybe you end up in a place where you will find more problems. Anything in this world can be solved, except death.  After having all this angry thoughts , and after letting them come out like a tornado , the peace settled in my mind. Somehow the dark clouds dissipated and some compassionate thoughts were running through my mind now.

The ones who really want to commit suicide   will never let you know about their internal sorrow. They will try to act normal, to act happy, they are putting warm smiles on their frozen souls because they don’t want you to know what they will do. Who knows what kind of pain torments the peace of their soul? Maybe they are too sensitive to be strong when life shoes her cruel side? Maybe they feel like they don’t belong here and they tried for too long to belong and this is why you never knew they were different?  How strong can you be to feel such pain but still make it look like your life is perfect?  They just couldn’t do it anymore or they could but they thought they couldn’t! It is very hard to find answers to something unknown!

Are you in pain? You are not the only one! Think you have to be perfect? Nobody is! It is ok not to be ok sometimes! It is not a crime! You are who you are and this is enough!  There are many, many people in this world who lived and live a more tragic life than you did but they have the courage to move on. They don’t move out to the death side but they move out in searching for a better life. There is place for everyone in this world! Sometimes it is a battle of survival where the best wins and  the best of the best never gives up. Don’t get discouraged when you face some problems, you are not the only one! Talk about it and you will discover how many like you are there and what they do to go on! If you don’t see the bad in this life you will not be able to recognize the good! You think for others is easier but sometimes is not! Don’t just sit there wondering how you can end your life ! Get up and find ways to improve your life! Seek for help, talk to people who survived what you are going through and see how they managed it! Look into the eyes of the ones who love you and you will find more strength than you had ever expected!   You can do it! 🙂 Live! Live! Live! 





photo source: http://www.giphy.com


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