The secret of youth




Sometimes I get obsessed of the idea that I don’t want to get old and I mean old by age . The reason is that I’m afraid that how I will look on the outside might not resemble me on the inside. Not a long time ago I had to go to doctor with my thumb injured as I was trying to do some break-dance moves. I’m still in my twenties and with all that I got some weird looks from the doctor. (Maybe he thought I was doing some other type of dancing.)

On the other side , each time there is a party at someone’s house I end up spending time with children than spending time with adults. I still speak on children language. Like bragging that I have a secret jewelry box somewhere in a secret basement or that during night I am getting transformed into a vampire. None of this is true but I have to keep up with the kids, to be as cool as they are.  I don’t even let them win if we play games because it might give my cover away. I want them to think that I am one of them! Adults talk about politics, work, health…problems…Boorrriiingggg!!!!

Children still have their problem free world and when I get the chance I am packing up and go into their world. Sometimes I watch the cartoons I used to watch as a child or I read a book of stories for children. It makes me feel happy , it makes me feel that I can beat time and that anything is possible.

This is the secret of  youth!  To not ever let go of your inner child ! Let it come out and play !  Let yourself see the world as a child does. Not all the time , because then you might be irresponsible but whenever is no need to be serious just be childish and have fun. The secret of youth is not in how you look on the outside but is in what you express from the inside. It is all in the attitude!

Let your soul be forever young and time will be your friend! 🙂




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