We are stupid at least once a day



I know you don’t want to admit it but there is no shame. You can’t be smart 100% a day. I remember I was in 10th grade when my psychology teacher said that we are stupid at least once a day. We all started to laugh but everything makes sense. We are even telling it to ourselves sometimes several times in a day not only once. Think about it! How many times did you said to yourself ” Oh my gosh! I’m so stupid! or I was stupid! or How stupid can I be to do that!”

It is normal. Your brain can not stay focused all the time and you can not multi -task  perfectly all day. You are trying to fix something but you think somewhere else and everything comes out wrong or you say the stupidest thing ever because without realizing it you are thinking about something else and you speak something completely different  The most stupid moment in my life (when I actually called myself retarded) was when I was working at the library and I was sent to a school to look for a certain teacher whose name I was really trying to remember because I did not know how she looks and I had to inform her about a book activity that will take place at the library. So, I was repeating her name in my mind but she suddenly appeared , I had a feeling  it was her, I asked if that’s her name, she said yes and then a kind of blockage happened in my brain and all I could say was ” I am from the library…book!”  She looked at me weird but all I had was “book” , then very relaxed she said “Yeah, I know what is about! I will come!” and she walked away! I never felt more embarrassed in my life! I was in shock all day! Was that a stupid moment? I tend to think so…and another one was when I threw away money in the garbage thinking that all i have in my hands is some pieces of paper I didn’t need! I guess I did not need those money!  Of course it is not like I was stupid only twice in my whole life (I wish!) . For example right now, as I was writing this I just wiped my face with a dirty napkin that I myself got it dirty by wiping something of the table that of course I forgot. I just started my stupid moments for the day!

In conclusion it happens to be stupid more than once a day and you know what? It is better for you to be the one telling it to yourself than to wait for the others to do it! I am 100% sure nobody likes to be called stupid by someone else even if he/she knew what they did was stupid!



Enjoy your stupid moments and start counting! 😉





photo source: http://www.icongal.com


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