You know you are mentally lazy when



I think I will go directly to the point and I will let you know how you can tell if you are mentally lazy .

You are mentally lazy when :

1. You believe everything you see and hear on TV; (Many times Media creates confusion)
2. You believe everything politicians (no matter the party) say; Especially when elections may approach they will start to lie about their strategies or about the other competitors;
3. You never want to hear the other side of the truth; ( In court both versions are listened and everyone has the right to be presumed innocent until there are enough proves to declare it guilty)
4. You jump to conclusions without any small research;
5. You judge the others by what you hear and not by what you see yourself;
6. You think you are always right;
7. You blame the others for whatever happens in your life; (It is never your fault? Let me tell you a secret: Nobody is perfect so you are allowed to make mistakes. 😉 )
8. You believe there are virgins waiting for you in Heaven;
9. You believe all the Muslims are terrorists. ( Not all Muslims are terrorists the same as not all Catholic priests are child molesters. Bad weed grows everywhere!)

10. You think all bad things happen to you. (Shit happens everywhere, anytime and to anyone but not everybody complains as much as you do! Get over it and work for your better life!)


If you had the courage to admit that you are doing any of these than I congratulate you! You just upgraded to mentally smart! If you are already smart and none of the above was on your list then, again congratulations! It is nice to know that this world has more people who are not letting their minds manipulated.
I will tell you what my husbands tells me when we discuss about life : What we don’t know is more than what we do know! Keep that in mind! 🙂



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