In times of war


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I was so naive I thought times of war are history , but war is still here and for the poor people  who live in those places peace is just a hope! Don’t worry this will be over soon! Call me optimistic but I just have a feeling, you know , women intuition . ISIS will be taken down sooner than you think  and if it was for me I would send some women after them to cut their sex instrument and post it on YouTube for the whole world to see how they will not be able to do anything with those virgins in “Heaven” . This would be a heavy lesson for all of them.  Cut their tongues too…just in case a back up idea comes through their mind. 😉   Now, Putin is a smart ass guy. He was like ” Let’s attack Ukraine and see what happens! We attack until someone stops us and we take what we can while we pretend we have nothing to do with it!”  Gosh, he could have been a heck of an actor!  For a second I thought that maybe someone inside tries to set up Putin and sent retired soldiers whom happened to own tanks and other special  weapons . The retired soldiers agreed immediately as they were inspired by RED the movie with Bruce Willis.  “Hey, if Bruce Willis had done it we can do it too!”  and they searched the map to see what country they can attack . They chose Ukraine because they speak Russian . If they would go in a country where nobody speaks Russian who the heck would understand the bad ass words they use to make people afraid?  Imagine this retired soldier going to another foreign country to attack . If he is retired he would want to tell you the whole story since he finished army, how did he got to be a general and other boring stories that include exact dates, hours, minutes, seconds, names and places.  Putin wanted probably to get the old USSR back but he forgot that those countries don’t want him as much as he wants them. They won their right to independence and they want to keep it this way and they should. I am glad NATO is helping , I am glad Romania jumped in too. Even if we are small we can make a difference.  Any country of this world can make a difference. Although they are not in charge with everything that happens in this World , USA always comes to help the others because they have intelligence,technology, know-how and resources that other poor countries don’t!  Probably the leaders who think about starting wars don’t know that times had changed and everything had been obtained with sacrifice in its moment and those moments are way behind. Your job as a leader is to take care as good as you can of your piece of land and of the people who gave you their trust and not to use your ego and go take something that is not even yours.  Acting like some spoiled children? Don’t you ever think there are no consequences for that!  Prepare your butts because it is spanking time!

I am posting bellow a song that matches the times we are living in although some people might only hear “War..hugh!”  You know…in the cave men spirit!

Peace! 😉


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