My “Before and After” is reversed

Usually people show the pictures the other way around and I know the day when I will do the same will come. I’m working at it right now! There is this trend now about loving your body ,but to learn to love it, you need time, you need to be used to itas it is for a long time and I can’t love my body as it is now. Not when I know it can be and look better! Not when I can see my “Before” pictures that I want so bad to transform in “After” !


I have to be realistic , considering that the metabolism is changing and that I’m 30 now but the last thing I want to do is to become complacent.

This time I have set up a goal!

16Lbs in 3 months or even 4 months. That’s my maximum! I’ve also set up a minimum that would be acceptable to me and that is 10 Lbs.  I don’t strive to be a size 6! I’m a woman and I don’t have skinny genes, the women in my family aren’t fat but they have some meat on them. I’m good with size 8. Many of you are probably wondering why I’m making such a big deal of this . It somehow is for me!

It’s a goal I want to achieve! It’s about health and it’s about confidence!

I want to be the girl with the right “Before and After” pictures!

Not knowing what are you capable of

The lesson I’ve learned from my baby girl or better said the thing she reminded me of.

She is 13 months old , she doesn’t walk yet but not because she can’t but because she doesn’t know that she can. It was the same with her standing by herself. Today she was holding a pan and made tiny steps by herself. I watched her , encouraged her and somehow she reminded me about myself. About all the things I thought I couldn’t do or that I’m not good at until I’ve done it. I had people around me who believed in me more than I ever did and they were telling me how good I am at this and that. In my mind it was always : “What do these people see in me? ” I still didn’t believe them! I thought I suck in sports but my sports teacher in high school thought I have talent, I went once to an aerobics class and the instructor told me I had talent but it was hard to believe them. Maybe it had to do with my childhood when everyone would make fun of me for not being that good at the games we were playing.

The reality is that you have to explore your potential , you have to believe when everyone is telling you that  you can and push yourself harder when everyone else is telling you that you can’t. 

How about that for a New Year Resolution?

The power of self-awareness

This is for the always offended ones! Lately I see how everything is about self-confidence and also self-help but very few talk about self-awareness and it is very important. If you do not have self-awareness it is very hard to evolve as a human being. Instead of getting offended by everything why wouldn’t you pay attention to some of the criticism? (I say some because there is constructive criticism and then you have bullying .)

Don’t you want to become a better version of you?

Pay attention!

If you are overweight and you don’t like it , instead of getting offended when someone says something about it, better do something about it. If a friend tells you that you are a jerk, before getting offended , stop and think about it. Are you or are you not? What made him say that? I know this is not something you want to hear, but open your eyes, open your mind, be self-aware and also be aware of your surroundings of the people who are around you.

If I am being told something that let’s say it’s not a compliment. I don’t jump and say “No, I’m not!”. I don’t feel good about it , but I pull back a little , become introspective and try to think if there is any reason for someone to think that way about me and if I want to do something about it or not.  It’s simple like that! Don’t be afraid to admit that you are not perfect sometimes. Who is? Right?  If you want to improve yourself than be aware, don’t doubt yourself , just be honest with yourself. Knowing yourself it’s going to help a lot in your journey as an ever evolving human being.



Life is all about taking chances but nothing about taking unnecessary risks

I don’t have a whole story about this considering that the title of this post speaks by itself. The only thing is that many people are afraid to take chances and calculate everything as a risk. It’s more of a fear of failure I suppose but I don’t understand how it wouldn’t feel worse if you never try to change something in your life and find that “better” you were looking for.

I look back at my life with all the decisions I made, I was afraid but I preferred to take chances. I took chances but never unnecessary risks. What do I mean by unnecessary risks? I mean those type of decisions that would only satisfy your curiosity or offer you a short amount of pleasure , could endanger your life or your health  and have a negative impact on your entire life or the lives of the ones you care about  but not really pay back.

If it’s not necessary and doesn’t pay back, don’t do it! It’s simple like that! 😉

How my daughter learned to share at 7 month old and the lesson I was reminded of

You know, there is one important way to teach someone something and that is by the power of example. This is what I was reminded of lately by my own daughter. It is not enough to teach by words but is extremely important to teach by your attitude.

My daughter, now 8 month old, gladly shares with me, her father, her sisters, and her teddy bear when she eats something. Including pacifier, remote, my iPhone or any other toys she is chewing on. This happened because each time I would eat something mainly fruits or veggies (safe foods for babies) I would give her a taste of it as well.  By me sharing with her she is now sharing with me and others.

I think this makes her feel like the big people , like she is empowered  but her acting so sweet at this age and sharing I think is great and makes me proud. Hopefully this will remain as a foundation of her personality. 🙂


A life hack that works awesomely well

Hi there,

Some of you may know this hack but if you don’t then you can find out about it in this post.

If you are one of those people who sometimes forgets to read the labels on the clothes before washing them (hopefully I’m not the only one ;))  ) then this is your saving boat.

If you ever shrink a shirt, a dress or anything, you can bring it back to its normal size if you soak it in cold water and fabric softener for few minutes . When you take it out stretch it a bit manually then hang it , and let it dry by itself. 🙂  Works wonders! 😀

Hopefully my post saved someone’s clothes! ;))

Eating healthy is actually very lazy friendly

I was thinking to approach this subject as somehow eating healthy seems like lots of fuss when it’s actually not. It’s extremely lazy friendly and the least time consuming. Because most of the people think that healthy food sucks everybody is trying to come up with all kind of fancy healthy meals. It is nothing wrong with that. I love a fancy healthy meal especially if someone else cooked it for me! 😉  Maybe it’s a cultural thing but I can be pretty basic when it comes to healthy meals.

You have to keep in mind the following :

  • Olive oil, coconut oil and even butter;
  • Salt, pepper and garlic;
  • Meat, cheese and vegetables;
  • Fruits and nuts.

All you need to do with the meat and some of the vegetables is to grill it, add salt, pepper and depending on the taste garlic. Garlic is good in everything and super healthy.  Keep salt to no more or less than  2 gr. a day.

Prepare a salad with the veggies you like , add olive oil, lemon or balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper or just cut the veggies and eat them raw.

Fruits , nuts and cheese don’t need any extra preparation.

If you have a sweet tooth  , you don’t have to deny yourself everything . 2 pieces of dark chocolate a day keeps the depression away! 😉  ( Not a professional advice though. ;))  )


Quick and easy tip for baby teething

Hello, hello

Long time no see but mother life is a busy life indeed.

My baby started teething so her saliva is everywhere and she is chewing the heck out of her tiny hands. I got her teething rings as well but one thing that I do to make everything easier is that I cool her pacifier in the fridge. This is a very simple trick that I use to help her with some cooling effect on her gums. I have several pacifiers so I always have a cool one to give her. 🙂

Maybe some of you already use this method but for those of you who don’t this is my little trick that I wanted to share with you.

Good luck 😉

Healthy and tasty. Full meal from appetizer to desert

Hello, hello

Today I have some yummy , easy and healthy recipes for you starting from the appetizer and finishing with the desert.

I’m not a constant healthy eater but I do enjoy a good healthy meal and I try eating healthy at least when I’m at home and I can cook my own meals. I’m bad when I go out though.

Let’s get back to business and start with the appetizer.

Cucumber slices topped with avocado bites.


You need : Cucumber, Avocado, Cilantro , Spiced Salt

Prepare : Slice the cucumber, place chopped avocado on top of cucumber slices, sprinkle cilantro and spiced salt on top and ready. You can also add lime juice if you prefer. 😉


The meal : Pork loin with portobello mushroom and blue cheese


You need: Pork loin(1 lbs. or so) , beer, onion , garlic, spices, slow cooker , big portobello mushroom,crumbled blue cheese, roasted raspberry chipotle sauce.

Prepare: The pork loin previously cooked in slow cooker with 1 cup beer, onion, garlic and spiced salt according to your own taste, on high for 4 hours.

Grill the portobello mushroom, top with blue cheese, put the slice of cooked pork loin on top (the heat between will slightly melt the blue cheese) and finish with a glaze of roasted raspberry chipotle sauce.

Finish with a touch of desert which can also be your breakfast.

Flourless banana and egg pancakes


You need: 1 big banana, 1 medium-large egg, cinnamon, honey

Prepare: Mash a half of banana, mix with the egg, add some cinnamon and cook on a greased pan  until golden brown. Slice up the other half of banana and top the cooked pancakes with it, glaze with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon.

I love these pancakes as they are moist and soft. A pleasure to eat and low-calorie.

Enjoy your meal and let me know if you need extra info. 🙂



The wrong side of the bed

You know those tests that according to your couple sleeping pattern can tell you how bonded is your relationship?

For example if you sleep hugged or face to face your are more bonded , if you sleep back to back you either have a distant relationship or you are just independent partners.

Think about it this way though. If you enjoy sleeping on your right side and your partner prefers sleeping on his left side , you can’t cuddle and feel comfortable at the same time  but if you just change the sides of the bed you are sleeping on  you will end up face to face and even hugging while feeling comfortable.

The same with life unsatisfactions.

What if you were just sleeping on the wrong side of the bed this whole time ?

A change of perspective can bring a change in your life.